Studies #

Below you can find an overview of all my courses, including the local grade (ranging from 20 to 0) and the globally recognized ECTS grade (ranging from A to F).

This page serves as an index to easily locate specific courses and their respective projects.

Masters #

1st Year #

Curricular UnitGradeECTS GradeProject
Machine Learning18AProject
Large Scale Software Development20ATODO
Information Processing and Retrieval18BTODO
Interactive Graphics Systems20ATODO
Project Management Laboratory18ATODO
Natural Language Processing19ATODO
Embedded and Real Time Systems18ATODO
Computer Vision19ATODO

2nd Year #

Curricular UnitGradeProject
Data Analysis and Integration19TODO
Lifelong Employability20
Modelling and Simulation20TODO
Dissertation Planning20
Intelligent Robotics19TODO

Bachelors #

1st Year #

Curricular UnitGradeECTS GradeProject(s)
Mathematical Analysis19AN/A
Computer Architecture and Organization17A
Complements of Mathematics18AN/A
Physics I17BN/A
Programming Fundamentals19AQ-Snake
Discrete Mathematics19AN/A
Statistical Methods18AProject
Microprocessors and Personal Computers17B
Programming19AOware & ScrabbleJunior+BoardBuilder

2nd Year #

Curricular UnitGradeECTS GradeProject(s)
Algorithms and Data Structures20AStreamZ
Physics II19A
Computing Theory19ATODO
Operating Systems18AProjects
Object Oriented Programming Laboratory17BLPOOMon
Computer Laboratory20ACFLAP
Numerical Methods14CN/A
Algorithm Design and Analysis19AVaccine Router
Computer Graphics19AProject

3rd Year #

Curricular UnitGradeECTS GradeProject(s)
Functional and Logic Programming19ABigNumbers & Renpaarden
Computer Networks18AProjects
Web Languages and Technologies18AMancala
Computer Security Foundations19ATODO
Database and Web Applications Laboratory19AEventful
Software Engineering19AUniCalendar
Compilers20AJMM Compiler
Parallel and Distributed Computing18AProjects
Capstone Project18ATODO
Artificial Intelligence20Arobot-mazes & Churn Classification